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Shaya i'Faya adds flavour to your life. Our two fantastic brands started their life in Johannesburg in 2017 with one sauce sold door-to-door around Soweto and Cosmo City. As the business grew we have continued to add new flavours and products to our range. Our journey is just beginning. 

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Shaya i'Faya Sauces

Shaya i'Faya Sauces are a great way to add flavour to any meal. Use it to pour on your food or as a marinade or basting. Ours sauces will make any meal taste better. 

Shaya i'Faya CRUNCH

Shaya i'Faya CRUNCH brings your favourite

take-away flavours home. This fantastic coating is easy to use, needs no eggs, and brings that deep-fried food to life

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